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Computing at Chaos Manor, July 23, 2011 - Jerry hits the keyboard to discuss OS X Lion in the context of the history of computing devices at Apple.

Computing at Chaos Manor, July 11, 2011 - The hiatus is over, Jerry's past his bug and Byte is reborn. Big stories include hosting migration, mobile broadband costs and woes, and spam control.

Computing at Chaos Manor, March 21, 2011 - Jerry emerges from much effort on works in progress (solo and with Niven) to punch out this February/March column that has the User's Choice Awards, as well as the Parade of Orchids and Onions. Enjoy!

January 30, 2010 Mailbag - There is much mail on topics related to the CES column from earlier this month, along with tidbits on programming and type/range checking, along with pricing eBooks and formatting them for the Kindle. One possible aspect of future computers wraps things up for the mailbag.

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Phoenix rising...

Chaos Manor Reviews is the latest phoenix to rise from the ashes of the BYTE columns I have written since 1979. The BYTE column has been prepared monthly for more than twenty years. These Reviews will be done at whim, but generally one column and one mailbag a month. I'll also add special reviews, both from me and from guests.

My primary profession is fiction, and that will get most of my attention, but there's always more to say about the computer revolution, and what hardware and software I've found useful.

We'll continue this as long as it's worth doing.

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I've long run my main site, www.jerrypournelle.com, on the Public Radio model. That is, I occasionally remind readers that subscribing is a sincere form of flattery, and likely to keep me writing and posting emails and my replies on topics of interest. I also send out gentle reminders to those subscribers who've let their subscription lapse.

Getting started, I'm going to put all of the new columns on this site in the Open Archives. In a short while, I'll start putting new columns in the subscribers-only area. Access to that is going to be user/password access controlled. I'll change those on a regular basis, and send out the new credentials via email to current subscribers.

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